* Yuzawa Engei also stocks Cardiocrinum, including the magenta flowered form of C. cordatum cordatum.


As well as the information sources listed in the 'genus' section, the links below have useful information and pictures of a selection of species.



The book on the genus most often recommended is "The Genus Arisaema" by G & L Gusman. The problem is that this is out of print and second hand copies command a rather high price. The 1st. Edition, 2003, ISBN 390414491X, is available at Amazon for ~£140 to £400 but is advertised at €39.00 from Koeltz Botanical Books. The expanded, 2nd. edition, 2006, ISBN 0881928399, can be bought on Amazon for ~£1200.

Another worthy, (and also out of print), book which covers just the Himalayan species is "Himalayan Cobra-Lilies (Arisaema): Their botany and culture" by Udai C. Pradhan. I bought a copy of the 1st. edition, 1990, with B&W illustrations, ISBN 8185423008, for £20 at an eBay auction. The 2nd. edition, 1997, with colour photos, ISBN 8185423040, can be bought on Amazon from £250 to £840.