THE YF-12A, [#60-6935] 

Coldwall equipment

I began by building the Coldwall equipment to get a bit of scratch revision before I started modifying the kit to take the resin cockpit details. The parts were built as described in the link and are shown below, unpainted and unassembled and assembled with one coat of Mr Surfacer 500.

Coldwall parts Assembled Coldwall parts Painted Coldwall assembly

After sanding, the tube was painted with "Titanium" mix and the fin, pylon and base with Humbrol "Metalcote" 27001, Aluminium, (27003, Polished Steel was tested but was too dark). The finished unit is shown above right.

The "True Details" seats and cockpit tubs were painted and cut to fit the fuselage section. Whilst these are designated for an SR-71A, they"re still more accurate than the kit items for a YF-12A. However, the seat detailing doesn't exactly match the pictures of the Lockheed SR-1 seat which is reported as having been used in most versions of the Blackbird. The seats were used "as is" with the addition of the D handles from the kit.