The Cottage Garden area 

Azelea 'Oxydol'

This contains a selection of large, blousey plants which are left to sag into each other and over the path!

There are several varieries of Astrantia including 'Hadspen Blood' and 'Lars', a number of Nepetas, one of which, 'Six Hills Giant' is fenced off from the cats.

At the west side is a group of Budlejas including davidii 'Royal Red' and B. fallowiana 'Lochinch'. However, this area is now too shady for Budleja's which are being moved to the area in front of the house A little way up from these is the original Hoheria lyalii.

At the south of the area, next to the wood store, is Viburnum x carlcephalum behind whichis a white Azelea, (Rh. 'Oxydol').

At the north of this area, by the gate, is an Acer japonica 'Osakazuki' and, to the right, a Lonicera fragrentisima.

Following the path by the fence you pass between Sorbus glabriuscula and another S. rosea. This path leads to a small area with a bench surrounded by a selection of Scotch, Burnett roses, (R. pimpinelifolia), which includes 'Mrs Colville', a pale pink marbled semi-double, a pink, a white and the hybrid, 'Stanwell Perpetual'.

Against the fence near the Burnett roses is a large bush of Rosa 'Ispahan' which is also becoming over-shadowed and there will be a second example in a sunnier area.

Cottage garden