East: green area 

Turning left as you come out of the cottage garden at the back of the house is a small herbgarden.

Most of the culinary herbs are in the pots but there is extensive, self-seeded marjoram and some culinary thyme. The bed also contains the Apothecaries rose, (Rosa gallica officianalis), and Rosa mundi with Jerusalem sage, Lemon Balm and a cardoon.

The hedge to the north is of Berberis thunbergii atropurpurea and white lilac which is another of the original Redhall plants.

The hedge along the Eastern boundary contains an unknown Chamaecyparis lawsoniana, a variegated elder, Euonymus europeus 'Red Cascade', a currant, S. frutescens, S. cashmiriana, a native elder, a Cottoneaster, S. vilmorinii and another shrubby honeysuckle, Lonicera involucrata. At the opening in the fence are two more Euonymus, a europeus and hamiltonianus sieboldianus.

This area also has some Bonzai on the stands and seven sinks. These originally each contained a Willow and a dwarf conifer, together with a selection of alpines. However, they are all in dire need of replanting and few alpines are left.

S. vilmorinii