North: green area 

Through the gate, on your left, is one of two Abies koreanna. This one is the fast growing form which, 'though the younger of the two, is much bigger than the other form in the hen run ahead.

The fir is underplanted with Hostas and Heucheras, mainly H. 'Rachel',which continue along the fence, together with clumps of Maianthemum racemosum, M. tiatsiensis and more Burnett roses, including the species!

Following this border, there is a Sambuccus nigra 'Black Beauty', S. wilsoniana(?) and a clump of low laurel, Prunus laurocerasus 'Otto Luyken' within which is the first of a string of Virburnums, V. bodnantense 'Dawn', then V. sargentianna with V. rhytidophyllum behind it. There is then a group of three Guelder Roses, V. opulus, opulus 'Park Harvest' and opulus (Notcutt's form).

There is then a good example of S. carmesina before a group of shrubs including several large-leaf box and a group of yellow Azelea luteum.

Following this there is an Acer grisseum and then more Viburnum, starting with V. x burkwoodii, then the small V. opulus compactum, behind which is V. carlesii.

You then come to the first of two Wellingtonia and this border then ends with a group of shrubs and a pergola through to the next section.

The utilities area to the south of the hen run is shielded by a group of bamboos grown from seed.