North: yellow area 

Going between the Rhododendron beds or through the pergola takes you into the highest and most exposed area of the garden.

The trees up the west side are the variegated Maple, (Acer platanoides drummondii), a Larch and then a group of Lodge Pole pine, (Pinus contorta latifolia), with a Red pine, (Pinus densiflora), a Crimson leafed Maple, (Acer platanoides schwedlerii), and a black pine, (Pinus nigra).

The rowans up this side are S. aff. monbeigii 'Kukula', S. discolor MF 96172, S. aucuparia 'Crème Lace', S. randiensis and S. scopulina.

At the top is a Monkey Puzzle tree, (Aurundaria aurucara) and a young S. decora.

Down the East side are the majority of our mature Oak and Scots pine with one Hemlock. The various shrubs are planted as wind-break and the rowan near the top is S. aucuparia 'Copper Kettle'.

The trees along the North side of the Rhododendron bed are, from left to right, S glabriuscula, a pair of S. kurtzii , S. amoena and S. apiculata.