West: yellow area 

Coming through the gap at the west boundary, you're in another grass area which is dominated by the mature Sycamore. This tree is shown on the first 6" O.S. map of 1861 and is thought to be at least 200 years old.

The ring of trees which surround the Sycamore are, anti-clockwise from the left, S. redheriana, (though this identification is not certain), S. eburnea, S. americana, S. muliensis, S. minima, (one of the few Whitebeams in the garden), S. x pekinensis, S. koehneana pogonpetala, S. bissetii, S. aucuparia pohuashenensis and the shrubby S. ovalis.

This side of the dividing border is planted with an unknown rowan, probably S. commixta which was sold to me as S. matsumarana, Osmanthus , Euonymus oxyphyllus, Parrotia persica, Euonymus tingens, S. forrestii, Euonymus planipes, S. 'Joseph Rock' and Berberis x ottawensis.

The border in front of the house has a variety of Peonies, S. munda 'Borde Hill' and S. munda and a Rosa rubrafolia and the climbing Hydrangea, anomela petiolaris.

The pergola leading into the cottage garden is covered with several varieties of Clematis alpina including 'Blue Dancer', 'Helsingborg', 'Frances Rivis' and 'Pamela Jackman', Clematis japonica aureo-reticulata and a Clematis armandii. On the left side of the pergola is the climbing Hydrangea, anomela petiolaris.

Bog garden

The border to the left of the pergola is mainly Hostas with Cimicifuga 'Brunette' and 'James Compton' with Aconites and Hellebores at the back and a group of ferns at the left.

There is a group of birch in this area which include some self-seeded ones together with B. utilis 'Jacqumontii', B. albosinensis septentrionalis, B. ermanii 'Grayswood Hill', B. pendula purpurea and B. utilis 'Inverleith'.

At the north side of this area is one of the hen runs.

At the left of the path leading into the next area is a sink with small ferns including Athyrium felix-femina 'Minutissum Dwarf Lady', Polystichum setiferum congestum, Polystichum setiferum cristato pinnulum and Adiantum vestutum and a group of larger ferns on the bank which includes Athyrium 'The Ghost', A. 'Lady in Red', A. otophorum, A. otophorum okanum, A. niponicum pictum, Adiantum fulvum, Dryopteris erythosora, and Oncoclea sensibilis.