Pig cheeks with ginger 


About 2 cheeks/person.
Spring onions,
Root ginger.
Chestnut or shitaki mushrooms
Tin whole water chestnuts
Clove of garlic.


Season the cheeks and place a thin slice of root ginger on each. Package them and Sous Vide at 70C for 20 hours. The packs can be frozen at this stage until you need them.


Take the thawed cheeks from their bag, rinse out the bag with a little boiling water and put the juices in a pan.

Pan fry some chopped spring onion, the finely sliced garlic and the mushroom and set them aside.

Pan-fry the cheeks. Remove the cheeks and place in a serving dish in a warm oven.

Add the juices to the frying pan on a low heat. Return the vegetables to the pan with the water chestnuts and thicken with corn flour.

Pour the sauce over the cheeks.


Serve with boiled rice or rice noodles and stir-fry vegetables.