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In the latter case, the owner would need to be contacted before any such picture can be used by a third party.

Some pictures bear the designation "© unknown" as we've been unable to find the name of the copyright holder. We use these pictures for illustration in the belief that this comes under the heading of 'Fair use'. However, if you are the holder of the copyright of these images we will be pleased to add your name and a link to your website or to remove the images, if you so wish. Please contact us via the 'Feedback' button at the top of the page.

There is much confusion about the copying status of on-line material and, if you're interested in the details, have a look at this link. We are happy for our photos to be used by third parties under the following conditions.

  1. They are NOT used for any commercial purpose.
  2. Our ownership is acknowledged and the Redhall URL is clearly displayed on or near the picture concerned.
  3. We are informed of the URL of the site concerned.

With regard to the CSS, JAVASCRIPT, HTML & TEXT of the pages, the same sort of condtions apply although much of the CSS and JAVASCRIPT is open source and I don't really expect anyone would want to copy any of the text or HTML.

The only exception to this is the CSS and associated HTML used for the 'tree' menus which is © Glassroots, 2018, 2019.

The Cardiocrium and Sorbus National Collection® sections have their own Copyright information for those who navigate there without coming via the Index page.

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