The MESSAGE BOX classes 

The standard MsgBox and InputBox displays are a little limited. The font is fixed and the colours are the Windows colours and, whilst an Input box can be positioned, you can't place a MsgBox.

Whilst these are not major problems, these classes give a little more scope.

There are two classes, MsgBx and mbx.

 MsgBx  This stores general parameters which apply to all boxes such as font and colour.


Name Operation
modify Change the font name, point size, box size or colour.
defaults Reset the font name, point size, box size or colour to the defaults.

 MsgBx  This produces the boxes.


Name Operation
message_box Provides a basic Message Box.
message_bx Provides a Message box as a function.
input_box Provides an Input Box.

The class doesn't provide the 'Context' or 'Help' attributes of the standard functions.