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Pop-ups are used to give a brief description of some graphics and a summary of various links as shown on the introductory page.

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 The Browser 

The site is written using the current standards for the Internet, HTML5 HTML5 logo & CSS3 CSS3 logo and has been checked in Chrome, Chromium portable, Firefox, IE 9, Iridium, Pale Moon and Opera. It is just useable in IE7 & 8 except for the feedback form.

However, this does mean that you need to have the most up-to-date version of whichever browser you use as older versions cannot cope with CSS3. In particular, much of the display will be garbled by IE6 and that version leaves you very vulnerable to attack and, as indicated above, even IE8 lacks some of the facilities used by the site.

The latest versions of suitable browsers are, in alphabetical order with release dates,

Chrome logo
Chromium  logo
Chromium, (ungoogled)
Edge logo
Firefox logo
Firefox (x64)
[17/8/2021 ]
IE logo
11.0.220 §
Iridium logo
Opera logo
Pale Moon logo
Pale Moon
Safari logo

* The Chromium portable project is now dormant. The last version, 61.0.3153.0, was released on 16/7/2017.
The last Windows version of Safari was 5/1/2007.
Check this link for an explanation of 'ungoogled' Chromium.
§ Edge is now the preferred MS Browser but IE will be supported until 15/6/2022

There are usually βeta versions of the next major release of the above browsers available to download and you can check your current browser's facility with CSS3 by taking the CSS3 Selectors Test.


The fonts used for the site are Verdana, (Sans Serif), and Georgia, (Serif), as these are widely recognised as being the most legible fonts for screen use. If your computer doesn't have Verdana installed, the display will default to your chosen Sans Serif font. Georgia is embedded on the site as is timeburner, which is used on the initial page and in the Marmite section in Savouries, and Symbol, (Symbol), which is used for Greek lettering in various places; usually the mathematical sections.

If you're interested in font design, perhaps have a look here.

 Text size 

The pages are optimised for a screen resolution of 1280 x 960 pixels and a default browser font size of 12 to 14pt. To allow for different resolutions, as much of the page as possible is defined in percentage terms rather than absolute sizes.

If you're using a wide screen format on a laptop or LCD monitor, some of the horizontal sections may overlap. This can usually be cured by browsing in full-screen mode, (toggle with the F11 key). I shall deal with this when the common browsers all support the use of variables with CSS3 and I can find time to re-write the code to adjust section heights to match the browsing device window.

 Other problems 

If you have any other problems, please email me giving details of the nature of the problem, the version of the browser you're using and, if possible, an appended screen-shot of the problem.