Function Graphing in 2D and 3D 

3D polar graph
3D polar graph

2D Parametric function
2D Parametric function
The GRAPHING package allows you to draw graphs for nine types of function.

These are functions of the form:-

  • z = f(x, y),
  • x = f1(u,v), y = f2(u,v), z = f3(u,v)
  • r = f(a, b),
  • x = f1(t), y = f2(t), z = f3(t)
  • r = f1(t), a = f2(t), z = f3(t)
  • z = f(r, a),
  • y = f(x),
  • r = f(a) and
  • x = f1(t), y = f2(t)

The functions can be plotted without or with axes which can be scaled and the resolution of the graph can be changed to facilitate speed of plotting.

Up to 10 different functions of the same type can be overlaid with each being drawn in a different colour.

The 3D functions can be displayed and printed in one of two stereo forms: stereo-pairs or red/blue anaglyphs.

Functions can be stored and any number of different storage files created. There is also an extensive "Help" file included.

The package now allows 3D surface plotting with some forms of graph, courtesy of the Surface Viewer control by Bright Ideas Software

z = f(x,y)
z = f(x,y) with hidden lines removed

3D Parametric function
3D Parametric function

Stereo pair

Have a look at the Graph gallery

or download the GRAPHING package, (3.38M).

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