Visits to Redhall 

We are happy to show visitors around the garden from the start of April until the end of September, either to see the Cardiocrinum or Sorbus collections, or just the garden in general.

We'd be grateful if visitors would give us several weeks notice by email so that we can make certain that the garden is in a fit state for you to see! This is particularly important if you want to see the Cardiocrinum collection in flower as such visits are best made during the last week of June or the first two weeks of July and this period is often booked up several months in advance. The Rowan collection is best when in fruit which time extends from the start of August until the end of September, when you may also see their Autumn colour.

We ask for a donation of £5 per person towards the upkeep and expansion of the collections which includes a cup of tea and a biscuit.

For group visits, we offer as an option a more substantial afternoon snack of tea or coffee, sandwiches, cake & biscuits at an extra £3 a head.

If you wish, we'll provide plants for sale with some from the collections when possible.

We are quite difficult to find and I suggest that visitors look at or download a map of the route to Redhall from various locations. For group visits, we can provide A5 or A6 versions of the map which can be copied for your members.

Another potential problem is that parking at the house is limited to a maximum of six vehicles. However, we have a field by the ford, (shown in green on the map), where vehicles may be parked and which, in fact, holds the more recent additions to the Rowan collection. This is a seven minute walk from the house.

We have found that the best system for a group visit is for most of your members to park in the Ford field with those with limited mobility driving up to the house.


At various times I've given talks on the items in the list below,

Nowadays, I'm afraid that I need to keep venues for evening talks within 25 miles of Redhall. It would be a help if you could supply a laptop, digital projector and screen. Please use the above mail link for more information.


Visits have not taken place during the Covid restrictions but we hope that the advent of a vaccine will allow us to welcome you in 2021.

We will be prepared to welcome visitors as soon as we've been vaccinated, which should be by the end of January but would appreciate if those coming to Redhall either have also been vaccinated or continue to wear face masks. Tea won't be available until such time as the statistics show that it's safe for groups to gather indoors.

 update May 2021 

We've all had two injections and would be happy to see visitors under the above conditions.

Last update: 15/5/2021